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Episode 108

Burg: Low Key Trash. I'm Burg and today we have a special guest. Everybody, this is Kyle.

Kyle Richardson: Thanks for having me, brother.

Burg: He has been telling me he is trying to spread a little knowledge, a little love, a little faith.

Kyle Richardson: Yeah, some information, something for everybody, the youth, the old, the young, the in the middle.

Burg: He is an actor, a husband, a writer or producer, a director and a political activist.

Kyle Richardson: Damn.

Burg: This man, he has done a lot. I've known him for a while, taught me some things.

Kyle Richardson: Likewise.

Burg: Like this guy, I met him through mutual friends’ long time ago and...

Kyle Richardson: That connection has been strong ever since.

Burg: Yeah and he has only been doing positive things and...

Kyle Richardson: Thank you.

Burg: Better in his life. I figured we take this opportunity to get a couple of gems from you.

Kyle Richardson: Okay.

Burg: I know you have them. Tell us where you are from.

Kyle Richardson explains the origin of Unity Day in Hyannis

Kyle Richardson:  I reside in Hyannis, Hyannis. I moved to Nantucket, stayed there for a couple of years and then moved out to my native island of Anguilla for a short stint and then moved back to Hyannis and that's where I've been ever since. So that's where am at.

Burg: You always tell me about Anguilla. What are your ties to Anguilla?

Kyle Richardson: My grandma is from there. My dad lives there. My sister is there. Shout out to Rachel, shout out to Tyrone my brother. Shout out to the whole Richardson and the whole clan out there. And this is just saying a very special place that I hold dear to my heart. It has taught me a lot and it's also my getaway when I need a place to go and recharge my batteries, place that I can go on and I can call that, that's family. You know what I mean?

Burg: So yeah, that's dope. You can always go out to the islands.

Kyle Richardson: Yes.

Burg: So you act or you did acting or you were doing some acting?

Kyle Richardson: I like to say I'm still pursuing acting when I have a chance to, but yeah, I've been doing acting for eight years strong and it has just been… It's someone that's a passion of mine that I always had and when I got the acting bud I just never let it go.

Burg: What kind of roles did you have?

Kyle Richardson: I've done all types of roles. I'm trying to be not just typecast; I'm trying to be able to do any role that they need me to do. I've done roles such as playing a bum. I think when you play somebody that's down and out you’ve got to get deep down and you’ve got to really be honest with yourself, you've got to be like, alright, I'm going to take acting serious and I want to get these roles, you’ve got to be able to get to a point where you’ve got to live it, breathe it. It's hard to get out. I always say being an actor you are always wearing multiple faces. You know what I mean? And once you get up there more, you kind of a little bit lose yourself a little bit because you are taking on all these roles. It can be a lot. But I love it.

Burg: But that can be dope. I've always thought about acting, but I don't think that would be a good idea.

Kyle Richardson: You can do it.

Burg: But I feel like you've got to have a certain confidence to be an actor. And it's funny because I also feel like with acting, I feel like a lot of people started off like that. They were just getting roles just to get roles and just playing whatever role it is until they get to the point where they can just be themselves in that role.

Kyle Richardson: Yes.

Burg: In every movie, people just know...

Kyle Richardson: Who you are and they know that that's your way of acting.

Burg: Yeah.

Kyle Richardson: But I like your niche. I like it.

Burg: Yeah, it’s just like...

Kyle Richardson: I'm going to let you keep doing you.

Burg: Yeah.

Kyle Richardson: I'm going to put you in movies. Exactly.

Burg: I've always thought that's pretty cool about acting.

Kyle Richardson: I would say acting to me, the reason why I also love it, in real life you can use it.

Burg: Yeah, every day.

Kyle Richardson: Every day. You are always being a different character in front of somebody, your boss, your mother, your boy, your girl. Don't matter what, you are being a different character and it's just natural. Some people just don't want to harness that and be like, I can put that in camera or I can make myself a better person. When I go out there and like you said, all those titles, that's like being in a different character and that's me being, okay, you want me to be Kyle, the social aware person. I got you. You want me to be Kyle the therapy mentor. I got you. You want me to be Kyle, be the husband. That's easy. I got you. You know what I mean? But yeah, that's all it is. Acting is real life. It's real life.

Burg: You also said that you grew up in Hyannis.

Kyle Richardson: Yeah.

Burg: Right.

Kyle Richardson: High Town baby, 508.

Burg: Speaking of High Town.

Kyle Richardson: Yes sir.

Burg: Now that you said that. How do you feel about that new movie that's about to come out? You’ve seen the trailer, right? High Town trailer?

Kyle Richardson: Yes. Yes.

Burg: How do you feel about that and it's called High Town.

Kyle Richardson: Brother, thank you for saying that.

Kyle Richardson: It takes place on the Cape.

Kyle Richardson: Yes, it does.

Burg: They actually shot out here in P town.

Kyle Richardson: Yes.

Burg: They shot a lot of… Like for a week they were shooting out here in P town.

Kyle Richardson: I saw that and they gave me no call, but that's okay. I saw that.

Burg: But as far as what that show is supposed to be projecting and showing Province town or the Cape more so as High town, how does that make you feel? Especially, you are from Hyannis, which is like pretty much the city of the Cape.

Kyle Richardson: So, I can be honest?

Burg: Yeah. Be honest man.

Kyle Richardson: I am going to be honest then. The only problem I have with it is the title, dammit. They should have just use P town. Why High town? I just don't get it unless it has something to do with Hyannis and if it does, you should've called me. But other than that, I'm just happy that we are getting put on, that there is something out here. It seems interesting. It does.

Burg: So, it's basically about like a woman who is like a fishery regulation.

Kyle Richardson: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So, she makes sure that said certain amount of fish gets on the boat.

Burg: Yeah, exactly and I guess she lives out here and parties and then some crazy shit happens and someone dies.

Kyle Richardson: Okay.

Burg: from getting high or something like that.

Kyle Richardson: All right. It's a nice little twist to it.

Burg: And I mean...

Kyle Richardson: Something that would happen out here.

Burg: I guess. But do you feel like it's like...

Kyle Richardson: That typical.

Burg: Sort of like exploitation in a way?

Kyle Richardson: Yes. They use it in…

Burg: Because I feel like we definitely have a drug problem out here on the Cape.

Kyle Richardson: Yeah. And we don't need to really put it out there in a theatrical way.

Burg: It's a real thing though?

Kyle Richardson: It is a real thing and unfortunately it does happen. They could have done something better. They could've made it into something… If you are going to use some thriller or whatever or a psychological whatever, you can add something else than, hey, they got high and did a crime and now we’ve got to figure out who did it because you can't remember.

Burg: Jesus Christ. All right, what are your favorite things about the Cape? Give me five of your favorite things about the Cape from Bourne or from the bridge to Province town.

Kyle Richardson: Okay. First thing is the connection. I love the connection I have with people here. If you are from here, we have a certain connection. We know if something good happens to one of us, we all feel good. You know what I mean? Some happens to somebody; we all feel it.

Burg: Yeah.

Kyle Richardson: That's my number one thing and number two is the beach. I ain't gonna lie, man. I'm a beach boy. Yes, I said it. I'm black. I don't care. I love the water. I like to dip my toes in it. You know what I mean?

Burg: I hate the beach. I don't hate the beach. I'm not a beach...

Kyle Richardson: Man, you can't hate it. You can't hate it.

Burg: I don't hate it. I just started embracing it like two years ago.

Kyle Richardson: Yeah, because you’ve got to think about this. We are getting blessed to see water. Water does something to you. Our body is made out of water so it does something to you. I'm just glad that I'm able to be around water. I can see it and not only that, be able to put my toes in the sand.

Burg: Yeah.

Kyle Richardson: The third thing is I love the fact that here it's separate. It has its own history. The Cape, it has history that helps start...

Burg: The whole country.

Kyle Richardson: Yes. People need to understand there is a lot of history on the Cape and I took classes to understand myself and where I'm from. Pride, the pride that we have.

Burg: Is that number four?

Kyle Richardson: Yeah. Cape baby, we've got that pride.

Burg: No, you are right. You are right.

Kyle Richardson: You got that pride.

Burg: That's a fucking fact for sure.

Kyle Richardson: Yeah and I tell people all the time, yow leave, leave so you can appreciate where you come from, because when you go see what other people are dealing with and how they are living and all that, you start to realize yow, I'm actually blessed because anywhere else in the world don't look like this. To be honest with you, my last one would just be that it's just quiet. I mean, this place gets rowdy, as we can tell. This place can get rowdy, but we have the ability just to relax and not have to hear gunshots and we don't have to hear about police sirens and...

Burg: Cars and horns, trains and buses.

Kyle Richardson: All that, we get fresh air and it just comes to the fact that you can look up and see the stars.

Burg: Oh yeah.

Kyle Richardson: I’ve got the ability to look up and see stars and not the city lights blocking that.

Burg: Yeah. That's one of the best parts of being on the Cape for sure is like you do have the oppor... It's funny because I don't really notice it until someone comes up here and they're like, “Oh my God, I can see the stars”. And I'm like…

Kyle Richardson: That's a normal thing. What are you talking about?

Burg: I see the stars every fucking night.

Kyle Richardson: Right.

Burg: Can you explain about what you did at the masters of state house?

Kyle Richardson: Okay. I’m the type of person that if you are going to challenge me, let's get it. Let's see how far I can get. I’ve always been like that. Shout out to Debra Dhawan. She was one of the council members. She sat there and she challenged me. She was just like, “Look, you’ve got a lot to say, your personalities there and you have the energy. Try something out”. I said, “What? What do you want me to do?” Get into the politics. I think you could be something. Not only that, I think you could resonate with the youth because you work with them, help them out, show them that there is a way. I said, “All right. Let's try it”. So, boom, I applied. To be honest with you, I didn't think I was going to get in. I just really just… I'm the type of person yo, just do it. You never know. You really never know. 

Boom, I did that. I got a letter back saying that they accepted me. I was like, oh word. They done, messed up now. They done messed up now. So now I'm walking around with the JFK stank. I'm like, yup, yup. You guys are about to get the new MLK with JFK. It's about to be a wrap. You know what I mean? When you go there, it basically breaks down the way politics work and not only that, how to market yourself, how the internet works in your favor and also can hurt you. How your public image can really hurt you, through social media and just how you carry yourself, how to do interviews, how to carry yourself, how to give out certain information. And then not only that, it just breaks down just how the political atmosphere works. So who to look for, what they are doing, what you need to pay attention to with your constituents and what they want. Learning that was able to bring me back here and go, you know what, let me try this out. Let me see how far I can get. I got far, but at some point, you’ve got to realize that if you are going to be full go on this, you better be full go, because there is no half stepping. You have to be all about it. And I just unfortunately just say I don't want to get to that high point. I just want to be able to be something in my community.

Burg: I feel like people respect your work. You are smart. You could definitely get into politics, but I also feel like to be in politics you have to sort of be a little bit corrupt and you might be a little too real for actual politics in the state house.

Kyle Richardson: To be honest with you too…

Burg: I'm sorry. I don't want to say a little corrupted. You have to be a little...

Kyle Richardson: You got to have some… Yeah, have a little dark side to you. You’ve got to have a little something shady.

Burg: Because if you are going to go that hard for what you believe in, you are doing dark things to get that.

Kyle Richardson: Yeah, you are working on a certain group. I feel what you are saying. I was about to say it's some people, yes, it works that way. And then other people, the way it works is sometimes the people that you are representing, they are pushing for something that interferes with your personal and how I feel about it, but I want to get there and if I'm going to get there, I’ve got to take that and run with it. Now, some people can live with that, some people can't and then some people are just like, all right, if I do that, then if I do get into that position, what else do they want? Then it is now no longer you representing what you wanted and what you felt and how everybody else that believed in you. Now you are going off of just this little group because they have the money, they have the power, and they are the ones that were like, I can help you get there. So now you are just like, you are stuck. Sometimes you get stuck. And to be honest with you, it's not something that I wanted to really...

Burg: Pursue.

Kyle Richardson: Yeah, somewhat, so you know...

Burg: You articulate that pretty well.

Kyle Richardson: Thanks.

Burg: What are your feelings about this upcoming election?

Kyle Richardson: For me, I just say this, let the man finish out. Why are we doing this now? Because it's not really beneficial for us. You are taking… We are so wrapped up with this. Let's just let him do his term, finish it out and let's see if we are smart enough to put somebody that is capable to get us to a point that we can elevate. Yeah, we messed up because we are the US.

Burg: Fuck up a lot.

Kyle Richardson: We do it because we have shown like Love & Hip Hop and all that stuff and people love it, but we are back on our tip. We messed up. Now here we go. We are back on it, but it's tough. It's just tough. We are missing out. We are falling back because we are doing… We are like a real reality television show. We are the Love & Hip Hop, Housewives, all that mixed in one. And we put it right there just to go, hey world, look what we are doing. We are building a real-life reality show and then we'll put it in front of y'all and being like this is how we are living. And these motherfuckers are like, y'all stupid. We got news. Now we are about to… You know what? Go back there and sit your ass down. We’ve got something for you all. Sit your ass down. We’ve got something for you.

Burg: No, that’s…

Kyle Richardson: Trust me, you have something that you don't like that your town is doing and you are like, you know what? We can fix this. The only way to do it is for you to go, I'm going to wake up today and just go, let's do something about it. All it takes is just really you going down asking a question, getting the answer and then going off of that. And then after that you just keep moving. Now you can stop and if you stop, that's on you. And I don't want to hear it, that no, because you were doing it. Finish it. Just finish it.

Burg: But you didn't touch on Unity Day. I wanted to know what you like...?

Kyle Richardson: Unity Day. Oh, that's my baby. I love it. Love it.

Burg: How did that come about? How did you guys even like…? What was it that motivated you guys or you to be like, we need a day for like the African-Americans?

Kyle Richardson: So, it was a group of us. Shout out to Jesse, Dre, David, Willie, everybody. What happened was, with the Trayvon and Mike Brown and Tamir Rice and all that stuff going down. We one day just went like, look, we actually sent a group text. It's a shame that this is going on and you know what, we should get ahead of the game because this could happen to us and if it does happen to this community, we are so tight, we are so connected that this could actually split us. So as a young, as a group of black men that are a, consider themselves, people that are forefront and...

Burg: Well-respected.

Kyle Richardson: Not only just well-respected, but we felt like, look, we have a voice and I think people listen to us and we all make our own connections in certain ways. So why don't we use that, bring it all together and let's show our community that what you've seen in the news and what's out there over that bridge doesn't represent us. We don't want you to be afraid of us. We actually want to open the door and have a relationship.

Burg: Yeah, that's real.

Kyle Richardson: And not only that, there are a lot of us that need that guidance. Help us. Let's not be something that you see us as like a nuisance, but something that you can be proud of and be like, yo, that kid right there giving back to the community and being something positive. That's all we want. We want to get ahead of the police seeing us as criminals, but actually just really sitting down and talking with us. That's what it really came down to, making our local police be aware that we are not like that. We are actually individuals that have something to say and we want to be a positive member in the community. And not only that, not just us, but the people that are with us, the young kids, the old, the up and coming and the future. Yo, let's build this relationship better because what's going on in Boston that's right down the road. That's our next-door neighbor.

Burg: Yeah, exactly.

Kyle Richardson: So, whatever leaks over there, leaks in here.

Burg: It does.

Kyle Richardson: Let's get ahead of that.

Burg: That's really true.

Kyle Richardson: And let's know these kids, because some of these kids just need somebody to acknowledge them and just be like, you know what? I see you. I hear your pain. I can help you. What can I do? And this is funny about the Cape. Some people who sell drugs don't need to sell drugs.

Burg: No.

Kyle Richardson: They just selling just because they are like, “I want that notoriety. I want that stamp. Like yeah, I’m gangster or...”

Burg: But they’ve got the money to get the shits.

Kyle Richardson: Yeah, they’ve got the money to get it right and they are not struggling. They would be like, oh, whatever. Oh, whatever. I can pay all that. There is that part of the seller here and then there is the part that we know that it's like, yo, my mom just told me in the next few months if there is not like $1000 that come in, we might be out of a house or we are going to have to find a way to get the heat on or if not like, I don't have money to pay these bills so that I can take yo ass to those sport games. It's really the fact that as a young black man living here, you realize that there are not a lot of doors open.

Burg: Nope.

Kyle Richardson: You’ve got to figure out what's going to get me money, but at the same time I don't have to work multiple jobs and be an upstanding citizen at the same time because here it’s is like…

Burg: I almost feel like out here it’s almost normal to know someone who works two jobs.

Kyle Richardson: Yeah.

Burg: Like it's normal.

Kyle Richardson: And that's crazy.

Burg: The thing is like when someone says they only work one job, you are like, how do you do that?

Kyle Richardson: Yup.

Burg: Wait you only work… You only have...

Kyle Richardson: One job?

Burg: That's it?

Kyle Richardson: Yeah. You must get paid. You must get paid.

Burg: Yeah. I only have one job.

Kyle Richardson: Hell, yeah and it's crazy.

Burg: That’s the fact of it. Most people, like a regular person needs two jobs. You want to get two jobs, are you going to sell this pack? You know what I'm saying. Like that's the… And it's fucked up. Like the wage gap out here, it's stupid.

Kyle Richardson: Bro.

Burg: I didn't understand it until I moved to Hyannis and I fucking seen it with my own two eyes.

Kyle Richardson: Yes.

Burg: You know what I'm saying? Like in that area, they keep it...

Kyle Richardson: The educational gap and the wealth and the classism are so meshed, but separate.

Burg: What do you feel has changed the most on the Cape for you since you've been here?

Kyle Richardson: The attractive lifestyle nightlife, just the lifestyle. I don't think it's appealing to the youth anymore. It used to be a lot of young kids that used to come there. Now a lot of kids don't want anything to do with this place. I don't think it's attractive. I think it's just… It's a place that needs to like change its identity. Just basically grow with what's new. I don't want it to… I want the old to be here, but let's keep it as a foundation. Don't need to be the building. It just needs to be the foundation.

Burg: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Kyle Richardson: And we'll always remember that, but it as to change.

Burg: Can you explain about, speak to the kids, the Shea’s Youth Basketball Association? Like what were you talking about or what's your connection to them?

Kyle Richardson: Shout out to Jonah. So, Jonah Shea’s basketball league, it has been around for a while. I actually had the privilege of helping him from the ground up. Jonah is the type of dude he doesn’t play. Jonah is a cat that I know. He is from Yarmouth. He is paralyzed from the neck down. That dude was a baller. He could get it. Ball was his thing, bro, like that's what kept him. That was his lifeline. So he was able to come up with an idea and being like, you know what? Ball needs to be incorporated in the community, especially in Hyannis because there is a lot of youth there, different cultures and basketball speaks to everyone, everyone. So me being who I am, I just couldn't turn it down.

Burg: Yeah.

Kyle Richardson: And you are offering kid's an outlet. That to me was perfect. It's helping parents out and it's helping this community out. So let's get it. Long story short, it did come to fruition. He has been there for years now. I've been a coach and his goal are to basically, and I love it, his goal is just to basically get these kids out of the street, get them doing something, get them to think ahead. And then not only that, showing them what a community is, what family is and what determination and having a sense of, yo, if I stick with it, this is what the outcome could be.

Burg: So hard to get that. I think that's the hardest part about like, you know when I was doing that coaching with PJ?

Kyle Richardson: Yup.

Burg: I've always felt like little kids are the most honest people in the fucking world.

Kyle Richardson: And that's the thing I love about Jonah’s league. He would encourage the bad kids to come. He always believed give me those kids and those are the ones that weren't going to be super proud about, because those kids are the ones that we put our time as a community and as a coaching staff to raise this kid to a point. Now look at him. He came from nothing to something and not only that, he is giving back to the program and now we can be like, look what we started. Because bro, I ain't going to lie. There are some kids that went through there that I know that I've even coached myself that didn't know a lick a ball and right now they can ball. They can ball. They can ball. It was just to me telling them, yo have that drive and respect for yourself. You are coming out here… You are not coming out here just because you want to. You are coming out here because your parents believe in you, you believe in you, your peers believe in you, and if you fail, guess what? We are here for you. But if you quit, ain't nothing I can do for you. You are on your own. Don't ever quit. Don't quit. It's not in my vocabulary.

Burg: Damn, Kyle.

Kyle Richardson: I'm sorry.

Burg: Damn, son.

Kyle Richardson: I'm just glad that you are able to have me on this and I can talk and...

Burg: Let the people know. Tell them who you are one more time.

Kyle Richardson: I would like everybody else to know that if there is an issue in our community and it needs to be brought to attention or you need somebody to support you, like be there or encourage you, I'm there. I'm the person that's coming in there to tell you, yo, this is what the real world is about and this is what you needed to do as a young man. Because seeing how your pops didn't want to show you what you need to be, I'm here to show you what's going to happen. So what's going to happen is this. You’ve got to tighten up. You’ve got to get yourself together because when the world hits you, you are going to get hit and not only that, you need to learn how to deal with that as a man, the self-doubt, the depression, you thinking that you are not good enough because your dad's not around. That's a false. Yo, not only are you ready to beat the odds, but you can do it, maintain it and live long.

Burg: I appreciate this a lot. I appreciate you being here. I appreciate your time.

Kyle Richardson: Thank you.

Burg: I appreciate you popping up.

Kyle Richardson: I want to be a part of whatever y'all do and it's great seeing black people do something positive. You guys got something. It's an outlet. You know what I mean? Yo trust me, this is something special and the Cape needs this. So keep doing what you are doing brother. Y'all keep doing what you doing. You know what I mean? It’s an outlet.

Burg: This is Kyle Richardson.

Kyle Richardson: It has been a pleasure and I'm glad that whatever advice I can give to y'all, I hope you can take it and use it. If not, fuck it. Enjoy it. Just remember, keep pushing because even when you hit a wall, push through that wall, because guess what's on the other side? Success. When you hit it that's just letting you know that success is right over it. So you either go through it, over it, around it or underneath it, but don't stop in front of it. Keep pushing. Coming to you live. That's your boy Kyle Richardson.

Burg: Low Key Trash. Let's go!